Sponsor a child

Support a child

With support from people like you, we have been able to transform the lives of over 15,000 children, giving them a hope and a better tomorrow. Join us to build a conducive, healthy and sustainable society by sponsoring a child with your resources or donation(s).

Let’s empower and groom tomorrow’s leaders. Together, we can build a better future, give them the life that economic, health and social factors have taken from them, and make them ‘soldiers’ for global transformation and positive change.

You can support a child by sponsoring any/some/all of his/her needs as highlighted below:

  • School materials
  • Clothing and beddings
  • School fees and levies
  • Coaching and Skills acquisition
  • Health bills

Donate to Save a Child today!

Your  donation/support will change the life of a child/family today. Join us in building a better community with your resources

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