Funding & Partnership

Key Partners 

La Vie Mot Global Mission works collaboratively with several stakeholders, IPs and regulatory bodies/agencies to achieve project goals in community service delivery. Some of the key partners have been given below.

Implementing Partners

The Global Fund R5, R9 Year 1 & 2

APIN Public Health Initiatives






Regulatory Bodies and Agencies

Association for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria

Association of Homes and Orphanages’ Operators in Nigeria

Nigerian Police



Civil Defence

Nigerian Civil Defence


LIWOM Self Help Project

Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children NGO (AONN Oyo State)

 The Nigerian Police Force

Association of Homes & Orphanages’ Operators in Nigeria

HWWN ACCORD LIWOM Oke-Ado VC Project (Phase 1 and extension)

Government (Local, State [Ministry of Women Affairs & Social Development] and National)

Child Protection Network Oyo State Chapter (CPN)

Oyo State Steering Committee on Child Labour

Oyo State Steering Committee on OVC

Traditional & Religious Leadership Structures

Achievements: Some of our major accomplishments include:

•         Provision of OVC consultancy services for the establishment of  community based partner projects in Ibarapa LGA, Oyo State (IICWIN)

•         Trained and capacitated nearly 50 Coordinators of OVC CSOs and over 60 community volunteers for OVC response in Ibarapa LGAs, Oyo State.

•         Recruited and trained vulnerable women, youth and men as peer

educators and lay counselors in Ibadan (Orphanages/schools)

•         Helped communities to establish and manage Income Generating Projects (Moshi Gbofa)

•         Provide, equip and manage Educational facility for 2 communities in Kwara State for over 200 children and 4 LGA in Oyo State for over 200 children

•         Rescue of 50 children from child labor in collaboration with state security agency (Nigeria Police – Juvenile Welfare Central (JWC), Iyaganku.

•         Support service to PLWH 250 (Our Lady Support Group & Precious Child

Care Foundation. LIWOM seek to scale up this number to 2000 through sustainable integrated service provision to these vulnerable groups?

Mobilised communities to combat HIV and AIDS, eliminate stigma, care for the sick and support orphans and

vulnerable children

Integrated prevention and home based care activities to mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS Forged good working relationships with other role players involved in HIV and AIDS

Indirect provision of support and HCT to over 360,000 people tested in both Lagos and Oyo State on HTC & PMTCT



collaboration and capacity building for other              CVs

Activities in collaboration with the State Ministry of Women Affairs
Trained 33 Community Development Officers from the 3 Geo-political zone in Oyo State via Capacity Building Facilitative efforts in collaboration with the Association of Orphans and Vulnerable Children NGO in Nigeria (AONN) Oyo State Chapter.

Provision of educational support for over 150 children in Ibadan via self help and Oyo State government (SACA/Women Affairs) support.

Enlistment and provision of 6+1 services for 33 OVC on Global Fund R5 & R9


Enlistment and provision of service to 7500 Children and 2600 vulnerable households in Oke-Ado (currently ongoing)

Monitoring and Evaluation of OVC activities in the State

Establish and manage a Home for displaced street children.

Challenges and Constraints:     Some of our major challenges and constraints include:

  1. Inability to influence program directives for a sustainable program implementation despite prompt and regular quality reporting

Future Plans: LIWOM will continue to fund, mentor, train, monitor and evaluate the activities of our community based partner projects. Our future plan is to enable, empower and capacitate our community based CSOs to become autonomous and self-sustaining in their OVC response. We plan to strengthen and expand community based Income Generating Projects. Increase access to ART information and treatment for rural and disadvantaged urban communities within Oyo State